Deluxe Package - Booth It
Deluxe Package - Booth It
Deluxe Package - Booth It

Deluxe Package

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GIF Animation

Animated GIFs are now more popular than ever. Give your guests the choice of uploading a still photo or an Animated GIF. ($50)

(Included in: Premium & Deluxe Package)


With Booth It, your guests will be able to send their pictures directly to their phone as a text message or email. They can also share their photos on social media so their friends can like and comment. ($50+) 

(Included in: Premium & Deluxe Package) 


Hold onto the memories with a photo album. Every visitor to the photo booth receives a print to take home with them. As guests exit the photo booth the photos are already being created. Your photo booth attendant takes the guests' first print and places it into a lovely 40 page scrapbook album and asks your guests to sign it. ($100 extra)

(Included in: Premium & Deluxe Package)


While the photo booth software is creating fun branded images, our camera is at the same time capturing dynamic high resolution. We will carefully correct, crop, and hand edit every photograph. A link to access edited pictures will be provided at the end of the event. ($150 Extra)

(Included in Deluxe Package)