Order Modifications


RESERVATION: An electronically submitted Booking Form on our website www.boothit.co is required to reserve the dates and times of the EVENT(S). 

CHANGE IN EVENT DATE: If subsequent to these Terms And Conditions CLIENT changes the date of the event, the COMPANY will make best efforts to accommodate CLIENT and provide its services on the changed date. If the Photo Booth is not available on the new event date, the COMPANY shall be entitled to keep 25%  of the package fee and transaction fee and neither party shall have any further liability or obligation under these Terms And Conditions. If CLIENT reschedules the event, and the new date is in the following year, any new pricing in effect at that time shall apply.


Cancellation 30 days or more before the event - refund of the full amount of the initial payment and/or other payments paid excluding transaction fees*.

• Cancellation between 30 - 14 days of the event - refund of any payments paid, excluding the 25% deposit and transaction fees*.

• Cancellation within 14 days of the event - refund of only 50% of the full package fee excluding transaction fees*. At this point, it is usually too late for us to get another booking, and so we have lost out.